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Our goal is to continue providing a quality and consistent service that meets our client’s implementation requirements. We view STEM or STEAM
as the integration of problem-based learning that sparks
hands-on learning environments.

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With Our STEM iNoVate Lab

The STEM iNovate Lab is the proprietary concept created by the STEM Innovation Team.
The iNoVate Lab provides clients with what we call the classroom of the future. The STEM iNoVate Lab allows schools
to implement true STEM with a teacher facilitation methodology in a 21st century learning 360-degree facility.

STEM in the classroom should establish a well-balanced learning environment based on a variety of STEM principles.
Students should have ways they are advanced and challenged in the lesson leading to higher critical thinking skills and
strengthening observation and inquiry. Educators will often instruct within their specialty, co-planned thematic units but contribute to
projects related to the required benchmark concepts and skills. There should be times when educators co-teach overlapping subject areas
and assignments. However, educators should still be able to work on their schedule and tie to the theme when it is convenient in their plans.
Special related arts time can be designated for working on projects so that as new concepts are learned they can be applied and built upon.
The classrooms and common areas should always become a network of specialty topics in a living and growing discovery place.


We empower educators to build engaging, student-centered learning environments by focusing on their curriculum, cross-content goals, and desired outcomes for their students.


Discover opportunities to develop
digital literacy skills while teaching
all of today’s necessary curricular content
and providing authentic assessment opportunities.

STEM iNovate Labs

The STEM iNovate Lab is a proprietary concept created by the STEM Innovation Team. The STEM iNovate Lab allows schools to implement true STEM in a 21st Century learning 360-degree facility


STEM U, LLC professional development is composed of former classroom teachers and administrators who have actually taught in a K-12 classroom.


STEM extends beyond the academic four wall. We provide turn-key solutions from conception, product design to delivery.


Learn how to maximize your classroom learning environment with our hands-on, 1:1 STEM Enrichment.

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STEM U specializes in connecting partners to science, technology, engineering, and math.
Our services range from STEM Consulting, Professional Development, Coaching and Modeling,
Classroom Innovation, and Curriculum Planning and Assistance.

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